Depression and suicide in bipolar disorder

Trigger warning! If you have bipolar disorder, you will no doubt have had suicidal ideation which is thinking about death and planning how to take your own life. I say that with assurance because I know how common these thoughts are. It may be a revelation to you, but you are not alone with these […]

Do you struggle with bipolar 1 mania?

I know that I did before I got my bipolar 1 disorder under control. I can remember what a fool I made of myself on more than one occasion. If you suffer from mania brought on by bipolar 1 you will understand that the symptoms are very difficult to control, and most of the time […]

Getting to know you.

Contact me This is my very first blog post and I can’t wait to tell you how excited I am to be talking to you. It is one thing writing a book, but quite another to think about talking to a person who is interested in bipolar. I am very grateful to you for checking […]

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