Is there a correlation between bipolar disorder and difficulty sleeping?

Is there a correlation between bipolar disorder and difficulty sleeping? Contact me The answer to this question is YES. In fact, sleep is of paramount importance in controlling the effects of bipolar. First of all it can cause insomnia. Then, on the other hand, it can cause hypersomnia (sleeping too much.) People with mania can’t […]

Beating Bipolar

Facebook Beating Bipolar I have had bipolar disorder all my life, from the age of fifteen to the age of seventy-six where I am now. It has been my constant companion, dictating everything I did from childhood to adulthood and beyond. Bipolar has always been there by my side, ruining my schooling, my college, my […]

Denial of Bipolar Diagnosis

Contact me ANOSOGNOSIA What a long word, you may think, and rightly so. It is a very long word for a condition found quite often in bipolar disorder. It seems strange to some people that a person might go to a doctor or psychiatrist and be given the diagnosis of bipolar disorder but not believe […]


Contact me Can you believe it is nearly 2024? I don’t know about you, but it seems to have crept up on me too quickly. I can easily remember the year 2000 when there were huge firework displays all around the globe to welcome in the New Year. You may remember it too, or perhaps […]


Contact me Hello friends, Christmas is coming very soon. And you might not be too happy about it if you suffer from depression or bipolar depression. Many times, people dread the holidays, so it is not unusual at all. When you are ill, often the last thing you want is to mix with happy people, […]

The holistic nature of bipolar disorder

Contact me You have probably heard that bipolar disorder is a mental illness and you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that as it does certainly effect the mind. Bipolar is a scourge to live with. Every day is a challenge. But what you probably didn’t know is that bipolar is not just a mental disorder […]

Romantic relationships when you have Bipolar Disorder

Contact me Romantic relationships are difficult to manage when you have bipolar disorder. There’s no doubt about that. It is bad enough keeping relationships going when you don’t have bipolar, but much more difficult when you have the illness. There are normal ups and downs in any relationship but people with bipolar have problems with […]

What can I do about my bipolar depression?

Contact me Three months ago, I started thinking about what people with bipolar have to face all the time. Usually, it is not about mania, although some people do have a lot of mania, it is about depression. Most people with bipolar disorder seem to have a lot more depression than anything else. They may […]