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What can I do about my bipolar depression?

Three months ago, I started thinking about what people with bipolar have to face all the time. Usually, it is not about mania, although some people do have a lot of mania, it is about depression. Most people with bipolar disorder seem to have a lot more depression than anything else. They may go several weeks or months of feeling well, only to fall victim to the depression monkey once again when they are not expecting it.

I used to have the very same problem myself so know exactly what you are facing with your bipolar disorder. I have bipolar 1, but I don’t think it matters whether you have bipolar 1 or bipolar 2, depression is a terrible thing to live with.

 They say that people with bipolar 2 have more depressive episodes than people with bipolar 1, and their depression is usually more intense and lasts longer. I think these views are rather subjective, myself. Depression is awful no matter what kind of bipolar you have.

 Anyway, it occurred to me that there just wasn’t enough information out there to help people cope with their depression, so I decided to write a book on it. My book is about “37 symptoms of bipolar depression,” and covers just about everything you can think of, and more.

 I really enjoyed writing this book as I made it into a fat workbook with check lists and lots of questions to answer. It also has a lot of lined note pages so that you don’t have to write in the margins. You can keep all your notes together like that.

 If you have run out of ideas for helping with the symptoms of bipolar depression, you might like to read my book. It is called “37 Symptoms of Bipolar Depression: Things you can do to get well and stay well.” and is available on Amazon along with my other two books on bipolar disorder. You will find all my books if you type my name in the search bar on Amazon.

Sally Alter, Author of:

 “37 Symptoms of Bipolar Depression.”

“How to Live with Bipolar.”

“Bipolar 1 Disorder Rescue Plan.”