Is there a correlation between bipolar disorder and difficulty sleeping?

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The answer to this question is YES.

In fact, sleep is of paramount importance in controlling the effects of bipolar.

First of all it can cause insomnia. Then, on the other hand, it can cause hypersomnia (sleeping too much.)

People with mania can’t get to sleep or stay asleep, and they don’t think they need sleep at all. There is so much energy associated with mania that people don’t think they have time to sleep and spend all night cleaning or doing something else that takes up a lot of energy.

People with depression often have sleep disorders. Once again they can have insomnia or hypersomnia where they just can’t get out of bed for days or weeks on end.

It is wise to pay attention to sleep hygiene when you have bipolar. If you do the following things, it may well help you to maintain a regular sleep pattern:

  • Go to sleep at the same time every night
  • Wake up at the same time every morning
  • Keep the bedroom cool and dark
  • Use the bedroom for sleep and sex only
  • Take all devices out of the bedroom
  • Do not exercise or drink alcohol before bedtime
  • Drink a hot, milky drink before bedtime


If you are still unable to sleep, please see your doctor.