Sally Alter

writer. artist. cat lover.

I am a Registered Nurse with Bipolar 1 Disorder

In the past couple of years, I have written three books on bipolar, one book on loneliness and a book of poetry.
All my books are available on Amazon.

Originally from London, I have now lived in the beautiful hill country in south Texas for the past twenty-five years. I never thought I would live in America but life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan. My husband was from New York so when we sold our bed and breakfast in England, we decided to travel round America and Europe in an RV for six years. On our travels I wrote a novel in the morning and painted in oils in the afternoon. I also taught writing and poetry in several campgrounds.

Apart from my nursing career in Scotland and England, my life has been spent trying to live with bipolar 1 with anxiety and psychosis. It has been a very rough ride. Now, thanks to a different medication cocktail, years of therapy, and learning how to take care of myself, I am in remission and have not been near a mental hospital in thirteen years.

I am aware that bipolar never goes away, though, so I am always vigilant and do my best to live a healthy life.
I have written nearly five thousand answers on Quora, the international question and answer website, and have had 38 million views to date. I also write for Medium and have a blog on line called Sally Alter Books.
My books are called:
“How to Live with Bipolar”
“Bipolar 1 Disorder Rescue Plan”
“A Practical Guide to Overcoming Loneliness”
“We Never did Mornings”
I was also the editor of Illuminations ~ Schreiner University’s international ejournal, and had many poems published in The Muse, The Texas Poetry Calendar, Houston Poetry Anthology, di-verse-city - Austin International Poetry Festival, The Kerrville Daily Times, The Hill Country Community Journal and Quora the international website.


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