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Hi friends, 

My name is Sally Alter and I want to thank you so much for coming to my website. I hope you will find something interesting here. 

As you may know, I write books on bipolar, but did you know I have bipolar 1 myself? So when you can’t sleep at night with depression, make a fool of yourself in the daytime with mania, I know what you are talking about. I get it. I get it because I have had those problems and many, many more my whole life. 

I am from London but now live in Texas where the sun shines for about three hundred and sixty four days every year. It is hot! I started writing late in life because I wanted to help people just like you cope with their bipolar illness. I do hope you will get in touch with me and let me know how you are doing. If you have questions, I would be pleased to answer them for you. And don’t forget to get my freebie – a bipolar symptoms chart, and sign up for my newsletter. Also, you must read my blogs all about bipolar. There is no need to suffer alone. I am here to help you.


Now, friends, I have started writing fiction and have just published my first novella called Shards of Glass. It's so exciting, and I really enjoyed writing it. It takes place on the French Riviera and is about an unassuming man called Richard who falls for vivatious, but unstable, Louise. She is a woman with a dark, secret in her past and he is about to find out what it is. It is a suspense story, so you can expect lots of surprises throughout the book.
Happy reading. 


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