From, Sally Alter, the well-known author of “How to Live with Bipolar” and “Bipolar 1 Disorder Rescue Plan” comes a unique workbook that will help you better manage your symptoms of bipolar depression.


Sally is a Registered Nurse, and has had bipolar 1 disorder with anxiety and psychosis for over fifty years. In this book she shares with you her secrets to successfully managing her bipolar depression symptoms and how she got well and stayed well. She is also a top writer for Quora international question and answer website and has written 4,500 answers, 800 on bipolar alone. She has 38 million reader views and a following of 16,000 people.

This book was written for people with bipolar 1 and bipolar 2 who suffer from bipolar depression.

You will find clear and concise explanations for each of the 37 symptoms along with check boxes for you to fill in and many questions for you to answer. There are also lined note pages following each section for you to write down your own thoughts so that you might refer to them should you need to in the future.

37 Symptoms of Bipolar Depression” offers:

● Explanation of bipolar disorder.
● Explanation of bipolar depression.
● The difference between bipolar depression and major depressive disorder.
● Warning signs of depression.
● What course bipolar depression usually takes.
● What to do if you notice symptoms.
● Clear and concise solutions for many physical and mental symptoms.
● Sensitive answers to situations you may find yourself in.
● Things you can try to help with your symptoms of bipolar depression.
● Practical check lists for you to complete.
● Questions for you to answer.
● Lined note pages for you to fill in.
● Daily Wellness Plan.
● Crisis Plan.

Bipolar disorder need not be a scourge. When you follow this easy-to-follow workbook, you too will be able to get well and stay well even though you have a serious mood disorder. This book gives you invaluable information surrounding each of the 37 symptoms and is presented in an easy-to-follow way so as not to overwhelm or confuse the reader.

You will find the simple structure of this workbook filled with helpful ways on how to better manage your symptoms of bipolar depression. Getting well and staying well with bipolar takes courage. This book will help you create the life you want and deserve.