When Richard Green visits his friend Jean-Claude in Cannes,

he is surprised by a chance meeting with Jean-Claude’s cousin, Louise. Richard is instantly smitten, and despite his friend’s warnings about Louise’s struggles with mental illness, he pursues her relentlessly, eventually asking her to marry him. Little does Richard know that marrying Louise will turn his once stable life upside down.

As their relationship progresses, Richard becomes intrigued by Louise’s mysterious past and the secret she wants to keep from him and the prying eyes of the world. However, Louise goes away every fourth Friday of the month telling Richard she is visiting friends in Paris.

Initially, Richard respects her privacy, but eventually curiosity gets the best of him. In desperation one day, he follows her to discover the truth, not only jeopardizing their once idyllic marriage but putting his own life in grave danger.


Shards of Glass 

is a gripping novella that explores the fragility of trust, the consequences of curiosity, and the depths of the past that come to haunt a once loving couple. Will love endure the trials of deception, or will it shatter into shards of glass?

Some sexual content.