“We Never Did Mornings” is a poetry collection like no other.


It covers a wide array of themes and topics that will leave you begging for more.

Grieve with the poet through loss, mental illness and unrequited love, and rejoice with her through poems of mysticism, grace and beauty. Her impressive poetry credentials include: being the past editor of Illuminations – Schreiner University’s International eJournal, The Muse, The Texas Poetry Calendar, Houston Poetry Anthology, di-verse-city ~ Austin International Poetry Festival, The Kerrville Daily Times, the Hill Country Community Journal and Quora, the International website.

Sally Alter is also the author of “How to Live with Bipolar,” “Bipolar 1 Disorder Rescue Plan,” and A Practical Guide to Overcoming Loneliness,” 

"Sally Alter’s first poetry collection is amazing. She is an accomplished and talented poet and her words will leave you breathless."
Larry Thomas
Texas Poet Laureate