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We never did mornings

Have you ever loved and lost? I bet you have. Nearly everyone I know could identify with that statement. We live in a world of uncertainties and love is one of them. You may find the love of your life, later to realize that they do not love you in the same way and the relationship falls through.

It is devastating. I am sure you have been devastated by unrequited love in the past. Nobody likes rejection. It really hurts.

I have taken this theme and made a book of poetry about it. It has been a labor of love. I think this topic really lends itself to poetry. What better way to express your love?

There are poems about lost love in sequence as if I am telling you a story about my life. I have a lot of stories to tell! I have told the stories of my marriages, all three of them. I have loved and lost three times but am here to tell you that I survived. And that is about all we can do when our love is thrown away.

So many marriages end in divorce these days, it puts you off marrying at all. I think it is about 55% of marriages fail and bitter people are left to pick up the pieces of the broken relationship.

I once married a foreigner, a Latin lover, who I idolized. He was the proverbial tall, dark and handsome man and he looked as if he worked out every day although he did not. He was a lover. The problem was he was a lover to other women, too, and many of you will be able to identify with that. He was my true love and I have yet to get over him.

The love in my other two marriages was more subdued, which is just as well because it spared me the heartache when we broke up. However, I did lead an exciting life with both of them seeing as we traveled a great deal and visited a lot of countries. I lived in Malta, Scotland, England and now America with one husband so can’t say it was a dull marriage.

However, time really does heal old wounds. You may never really get over it, but the sting goes away.

My book is called, “We Never Did Mornings” and is for sale on Amazon.

We never did mornings.